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Rear view of an English Arts and Crafts inspired house, designed by the early American modernist, Irving Gill. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

East (Rear) Elevation
George W. Marston House, San Diego, California

The design of this turn-of-the-century home anticipates the Craftsman style that would soon sweep across America.  Its broad, land-hugging profile; its extensive porches, balconies, and pergolas; and its splayed-out roofs and bracketed outriggers are all characteristics of the emerging style.  These elements exhibit a kinship with traditional Japanese architecture, which exerted a powerful influence on the developing Craftsman style.  An English Arts and Crafts influence is also visible in the home's picturesque massing, construction materials, and minimal decoration.

Irving Gill and William Hebbard produced a series of English Arts and Crafts inspired designs prior to this home, which was built in 1904-05.  It is a transitional work, showing Gill cutting back on ornament, and hinting at his mature, severely modern style that would follow.  The detailing of the punched windows on the upper levels is particularly telling.  Gill had worked for a couple of years in Louis Sullivan's office in Chicago with Frank Lloyd Wright before moving to San Diego.  Hebbard had worked for a time at Daniel H. Burnham and John W. Root, which was another prestigious Chicago architectural firm.  Photograph taken in 1997 by Howard J. Partridge.

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