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Side view of an English Arts and Crafts inspired house, showing evidence of Irving Gill's trademark minimalism. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

South (Side) Elevation
George W. Marston House, San Diego, California

A broad terrace softens the transition between the first floor living spaces and the expansive lawn and gardens beyond.  This was a common theme in the emerging Craftsman Style, and it eventually would lead to designs that further blurred the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.  In this house, a low wall and a level change make the terrace behave more like a buffer between the two zones than an extension of either.  The windows with the awnings were widened, and the stairs to the lawn were added at a later date.  The rest of the house is pretty much as it was when it was originally built in 1904-05, with Irving John Gill and William Sterling Hebbard as the architects.  Photograph taken in 1997 by Howard J. Partridge.
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