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Tor House and Hawk Tower

Back view of a California Arts and Crafts inspired cottage. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

General View from the South (Oceanside)
Tor House in Carmel, California

The poet Robinson Jeffers began construction of this house in 1918 and continued adding on to it periodically throughout his life.  The part visible here was essentially complete by 1924.  Jeffers had the help of a contractor for the cottage on the left, but he built the tower himself, using rocks found along the nearby ocean shore.  The house is said to have been modeled after a Tudor barn in England.  It also shares a strong affinity for some of the California craftsman bungalow of the same era.  The delightful house and tower are now a museum open to very small tour groups a couple of days a week.  Photograph taken in the 1990s by Howard J. Partridge.

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