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Interior view of a wall mural in the basement of the California State Capitol Building. Color adjusted photo by Howard J. Partridge.

Wall Mural, 3rd Panel of Epoch IV Triptych
California State Capitol in Sacramento, California

Arthur F. Mathews created this painting in 1914 as the last panel in his Epoch IV, "The City" triptych.  The artist had described his work as follows: "A continuation of the City.  The four columns, standing alone and the fragments and 'improvised' houses or sheds strewn about, might be the beginning of a new pile, to be created for the glorification of a renewed spirit of humanity; or they may be interpreted as remains of a past cult.  This panel might, therefore, be regarded as both the beginning and the end of the story or ring of Mural Paintings."  Photograph by Howard J. Partridge taken in April, 2006.  The state capitol website offers views of the other Mathews murals in the ring.  It also offers a summary of his work.
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