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Interior view of wall mural in the basement of the California State Capitol Building. Color adjusted photo by Howard J. Partridge.

Wall Mural, 1st Panel of Epoch IV Triptych
California State Capitol in Sacramento, California

The historic murals that Arthur Frank Mathews created for the capitol in 1914 are fine examples of painting from one of the leading artists in the California Arts and Crafts Movement.  A. F. and his wife, Lucia Kleinhans Mathews, also an artist, were among the founders of a style of art now known as California Decorative.  This photo shows the first panel in a group of three paintings collectively titled, "Epoch IV"  (a.k.a. "The City").  The state capitol website had at one time quoted Mathews as having this to say about the piece: "The carefree, joyous festival spirit so characteristic to California, is here pictured on its way to revel in the Ideal City."  Photograph by Howard J. Partridge taken in April, 2006.
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