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Former Oregon State Capitol Building (demolished)

Historic postcard of the previous Oregon State Capitol Building, destroyed by fire. Original scan courtesy of Chris Miller. General image retouching by H.J.P.

Oblique West (front) Elevation
Former Oregon State Capitol in Salem, Oregon

Early 20th century postcard courtesy of Chris Miller.  This capitol became Oregon's second permanent state house, replacing a relatively short lived territorial capitol on the same site that had been destroyed by fire in 1855.  Main block built between 1873-76.  1887-88 saw the addition of columns and monumental exterior stairs on the east and west sides.  1893 saw it crowned with a central dome, a variation of the one originally planned.  Plans for smaller porticos and domed towers on the north and south ends were never built.  Justus F. Krumbein & W. G. Gilbert of Portland, Oregon had been the original architects.  Fire completely gutted the structure on April 25, 1935, leaving the outer walls standing without a roof or dome.
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