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Historic photo of the Old Illinois State Capitol Building. Original photo downloaded from the Library of Congress's American Memories Collection. General image retouching by H.J.P.

Historic View from the Southwest
Old Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois

Mid to late 19th century view of the capitol, prior to raising the structure, inserting a new first floor below, and gutting the original interior.  Architects Ferry and Henderson's extensive restoration of 1963-69 reversed these changes, so the old capitol building once again appears as it did in 1858 (much like this image).  That was the year when Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous "A house divided against itself can not stand" speech from its Hall of Representatives.  This historical photograph, which has been lightened up considerably to pull out more architectural detail, is from the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, Historic American Buildings Survey, HABS, ILL, 84-SPRIF, 1-1.
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