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Another view showing both the Anasazi pueblo ruins at the base of the cliff and on the ledge above. Photo by Howard J. Partridge.

Front View of the White House Ruin
Canyon de Chelly National Monument near Chinle, Arizona

 The guidebooks state that this 11th century ruin got its name from a long white plastered wall found in the upper portion of the ruins.  Plastering of walls was not uncommon in Anasazi dwellings like these, but very little of it has survived the ravages of time.  The upper portion of the pueblo most likely had been connected to the lower portion by ladders.  Note the chalky-white, humanoid petroglyph (a kind of chiseled rock painting), barely visible on the canyon wall above the tallest section of the pueblo's lower level.  Photograph taken in 1991 by Howard J. Partridge.
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