Cupola's Clowder
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Fang surveying the the Spring landscape. Photograph by Howard J. Partridge.
Zip peeks out from her favorite garden hideaway. Photograph by Howard J. Partridge.
Young Bandit, years ago, taking a short break from work. Photograph by Howard J. Partridge.
Shadow finds a cool spot to relax and watch the birds. Photograph by Howard J. Partridge.
"When it comes to the advantages of cats versus dogs as pets, there is no competition. Try going away for a weekend, leaving your German Shepherd alone with a bowl of dry food, some water, and a litter box."

- Robert Stearns

For those of you who might enjoy some background music, press the "play" button on the midi plug-in below to begin "Bye Bye Blackbird", a classic Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon composition.  The artist playing here is unknown.

Midi Plug-In Control Panel should appear here if your browser is configured to support MIDI files.

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